Armando Lorenzana's new cycling photography book available now.

New book in store now

Armando is a part of the local Chicago cycling community and regularly joins our group rides and events. He has used his talent to photograph some of our events from 2022. In addition to joining our store events he also rides and races with Team Veloz - a racing team that was created with the purpose of celebrating and creating space for Latino cyclists and other people of color in Chicago. Armando races road and track. Looking forward to watching Armando as his cycling and photography careers grow!

Armando Lorenzana

"Adapting to a different culture and language at a young age made it difficult to express myself through words. Growing up I didn’t want people to know of my status and I was constantly seeking acceptance, trying to belong in a world that often discriminated against people like me.
In order to cope, I turned to photography as a form of self-expression. I became drawn to cycling for the freedom and independence it gave me when I explored the world on two wheels. Hoping to escape reality made me realize how much of the world there is to see; how many great humans share the same emotions while cycling and how we all share the same passions even if we come from different cultures.
There’s so much of the world to see and so many amazing humans to meet. My photographs and cycling serve me as a reminder that no matter who we are or where we come from, we all have the potential to overcome obstacles and find our own path in life.”